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  • What time is Check in / Check out?
    Check in: 15:00 / Check out: 11:00.
    Can I check in anytime I want?
    Yes. You could check in any time including midnight to early morning, until check out time (11:00). However, please give us the notice if you come later than 0:00.
    Can I check in earlier?
    Yes. You could check in from 12:00. However, if the guestrooms are not ready depends on the previous guests, we are unavailable to accept. In addition, we charge you extra 30% of your room charge as an early arrival fee.
    Can I extend my check out time?
    Yes. You could stay by 14:00. We may against your request depends on coming guests of the day. In addition, we charge you 10% of your room charge every an hour as an extension fee.
    Can I leave you my luggage before check in / after check out?
    Yes. Please ask Clark at the front desk.
    How many days before can I cancel my reservation?
    Cancel charge depends on your stay plans and number of people. Please ask us to make sure.
    Do you have bed guard?
    No, we don’t.
    Can the beds be moved next each other in twin room?
    Yes. However, if you do it, night table can’t be used.
    Do you have a baby bed?
    Yes. You need to make an advance reservation.
    Do you have accessible room?
    No, we don’t.
    Do you have smoking area?
    Yes, there is smoking area in front floor (8th Fl).
    Do you have non-smoking and lady’s floors?
    No, we don’t have both.
    Do I need to pay in advance?
    No. We would ask you to pay when you check in the hotel.
    Can I pay with credit card?
    Yes. JCB, VISA, AMEX, UC, DC, DINERS, UFJ, SAISON, China UnionPay, JTB, and Debit card are available.
    Do you have a loungewear and bath amenity?
    Yes. Loungewear is one-size-fits-all for adult. We prepare the towels and bath amenity for co-sleeping child. Please request them when you make a reservation.
    Please tell me a child rate.
    Child, who is elder than elementary school student, is the same price as an adult. Pre-school child is free with co-sleeping.
    What kind of bath amenity do you have?
    There are towels, shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap, facial cleanser, shaving form, hair dryer, toothbrush, comb, cotton swabs, loungewear, and tonic water.
    Do you have humidifier and night stand?
    Yes. There are air cleaner with humidifying function and night stand in all rooms.
    Can I choose my room?
    We take your request, however we might not accept it depends on the room availability. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
    Where is another entrance when PARCO closed?
    The front entrance, which is face to the station rotary, opens 24 hours. Please take elevator to the 8th Fl.
    Do I have curfew?
    No, you don’t.
  • How can I get to the hotel by train?
    It takes 15 to 20 minutes by Keio line and Keio shinsen line with limited express and express from Shinjuku station. Get off the train at Chofu station and go ahead to the Central exit. Hotel is in Parco department store.
    How much is the parking fee?
    ¥1,430 (incl.tax) a day (you can park for maximum 30 hours)
    Can I take a parking before check in?
    Yes. Parking is available from 4:45.
    Where is the parking?
    The parking is next to west side of PARCO. Entrance is Kyu Kosyu Kaido side.
    Is parking reservation required?
    No. Parking is not ours so we can’t make your reservation.
    Is large-sized motor vehicle available?
    There is height limitation (2.1m).
    Does the parking open 24 hours?
    No. It is not available between 1:00 and 4:45. However, you could park any time except those hours.
    How can I get to the hotel from the parking?
    The connecting passage on 8th floor (parking) is connected to the 7th floor (hotel/Parco), however this passage is available only between 10:00 and 23:30. (Parco opening hours)

    Front desk for the hotel is on 8th floor in Parco. Please take an elevator from 7th to 8th floor.

    Connecting passage is not available except above hours. Please come down to the ground floor by elevator, walk out side of building, then come in the Parco main entrance which is face to the North Exit rotary.
    Can I take a parking for picking up or seeing off the guests?
    Yes, you can. Please bring your parking ticket to the hotel front desk. We make you 4 hours free.
    Can I park a motorbike?
    Yes. There is a motorbike parking in the same place. However, motorized bicycle is not allowed to park.
    Is bicycle parking free?
    It is free parking for the first 3 hours then takes ¥100(incl.tax) every 10 hours.
Neighborhood Facilities
  • How long does it take to Ajinomoto stadium・Musashino Forest Sports Plaza?
    It takes 5 minutes to Tobitakyu station by train, then 15 minutes by walking. It takes 10 minutes by taxi.
    How long does it take to Yomiuri Land?
    It takes 5 minutes to Keio Yomiuri Land station by train, then 5 - 10 minutes by gondola sky shuttle.
    Is Limousine bus terminal near the hotel?
    Yes, it takes only 1 minute by walking. There is Chofu station North Exit rotary 12 which is in front of the hotel.
    Is there convenience store around?
    Yes, there is it within 1 minute by walking from the hotel.
  • Is there free Wi-Fi?
    Yes. Free Wi-Fi is available in all guest rooms and the lobby. Please ask the password for Wi-Fi at the front desk.
    Is there vender machine in the hotel?
    No, there is.
    Is there laundromat in the hotel?
    No. However, there is it 10 minutes away by walking from the hotel.
    Do you have a room service?
    No. We don’t.
    Do you have a delivery service?
    Yes. We have it with Yamato transport.
    Do you have a laundry service?
    Yes. Please bring your clothes to the front desk by 10:00, your clothes will be cleaned by 18:00 on the same day. The laundry service is unavailable on Sunday and holidays. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
    Could you call a taxi?
    No. We don't have such service due to the station rotary is in front of the hotel, we can’t dispatch the car. Please take the taxi stand in rotary.
  • How much is the breakfast?
    Western & Japanese style buffet: ¥1,650 (incl.tax) / Continental breakfast: ¥950 (incl.tax)
    Elementary school students:
    Western & Japanese style buffet: ¥880 (incl.tax) / Continental breakfast: ¥550 (incl.tax)
    * Kids under preschool students are free.
    * Each price excludes tax.
    What time is breakfast served?
    Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 9:00.
    Can anyone, who doesn’t stay in the hotel, take the breakfast there?
    Yes. However, please contact us a day before you come if you are more than a group of 5 people.
    Can I take the dinner in the hotel?
    No. Please take it on 7th floor. There are many restaurants in Parco.
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