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About Reservation, Stay and Rooms
  • What are your check-in and check-out times?
    Check-in is from 3:00pm and check-out is at 11:00am.
    Before check-in, can we leave baggage?
    Yes, and also, we take your baggage after check-out.
    Can we delay the check-out?
    Yes, but there is a thing we refuse according to the room condition of the day.
    ◆Stay until 2:00pm … 30% of Room Rate
    ◆Stay until 4:00pm … 50% of Room Rate
    ◆Stay after 4:00pm … 100% of Room Rate
    How many days in advance can we cancel our reservation?
    It may vary according to accommodation plans. Please check the plans you reserve.
    We want to send baggage to hotel beforehand.
    Please send after you paid fees. (Please specify accommodation date, hotel guest name and “To the reception”)
    We want to send baggage from hotel.
    We can only send your baggage by cash-on-delivery of Kuroneko Yamato.
    Is there a closing time?
    Can we use credit cards?
    Yes. (JCB/ VISA/ UC/ DC/ NICOS/ Diner's Club/ American Express/ UFJ/ Mastercard/ Saison/ Rakuten/ ANA/ JAL/ Debit Card/ UnionPay)
    Our children are still small, so how does this change the room price?
    Pre-school children (under the age of 5) may sleep in the same bed as their parents at no extra charge.
    Is there baby cot?
    Can you specify the rooms?
    You want, and, by availability on the day, please note that you may not attach.
    Is there any non-smoking rooms?
    Can you connect the Internet?
    You can use cable broadcasting and free WiFi in all rooms.
    About wired LAN, please use LAN cable comprising in room.
    There is rental of PC. Fee is 1,100yen per a day. (incl. tax)
    What amenities are available in the guestrooms?
    Towels, Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Razor, Hair Dryer, Toothbrush, Comb, Cotton Buds, Nightware
    ※Please refer to the "Guest rooms" page.
    Do you provide hair dryers?
    Yes. They are in the rooms.
    Do you provide electric toilet seat?
    Yes. All rooms.
    Do you provide humidifier?
    Yes. All rooms.
    Do you provide trouser press?
    Yes. We provide rental of it at the reception.
About Restaurants
  • Can I have breakfast?
    Yes, you can eat Western and Japanese food at restaurant Nigome at the first floor. (7:30am-10:00am, L.O.9:30am)
    How much is the breakfast?
    ¥1,430 (incl.tax)
    Can I have breakfast without the reservation?
    Yes. Please be aware that we only prepare for Japanese food and you may have to wait depending on the congestion situation.
    Are you able to accommodate dietary restrictions?
    Please inform us in advance. We do our best to meet individual needs.
About Services
  • Q. Could you call a taxi?
    Can I request a massage?
    Massages are available from 6:00pm to 5:00am the following day.
    Do you have a laundry service?
    Yes. If you bring to the reception by 10:00am on the day, it will be done by 6:00pm on the day. (No services on Sunday and holiday)
    Is there a safekeeping service?
    Yes. We keep at the reception.
    Can I have medicine at hotel?
    At our hotel, we don’t offer pharmaceutical products by rule of medicine machine method Article 24. Please prepare for your medicine in advance.
About Access and Parking
  • What is the nearest station?
    From Shibuya Station
    A 12-minute walk from the Hachiko Gate of Shibuya Station on JR, Tokyo Metro (Ginza line, Hanzomon line, Fukutoshin line), Toyoko line, Denen-toshi line and Inokashira line.

    From Yoyogi-koen Station
    A 12-minute walk from Yoyogi-koen Station on Tokyo Metro (Chiyoda line).

    From Yoyogi-hachiman Station
    A 12-minute walk from Yoyogi-hachiman Station on Odakyu line.
    Is there a parking lot?
    No. Affiliated parking is located in 3-minute walk from the Hotel. Per a night, 2,200yen (incl. tax) from 3:00p.m. to 12:30p.m. the following day.
    Is there a bicycle parking area?
    No. You can rent a bicycle in a number restriction. Please contact the reception
About Surrounding Area
  • Is there a convenience store?
    Yes. It’s 1 minute on foot.
Accommodation Tax
  • Please tell me the tax rate for accommodation tax.
    If the accommodation rate per person per night is 10,000 yen or more but less than 15,000 yen, there will be an additional charge of 100 yen. For rates of 15,000 yen or more, there will be an additional charge of 200 yen. These additional charges will be collected separately on the day of arrival. For more details, please refer to the following information.
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